ArtROMAtherapy Project
We initiate Art x Aromatherapy – ArtROMAtherapy Project with different art groups.These are some projects that we proudly cooperated.

Floral Jamming x Aromatherapy
@ Fatfadin Florist, Comma, Hong Kong
Introducing basic knowledge of Aromatherapy + Floral caring & design, we wish to present you with a place that bringing an extraordinary floral learning journey in the most relaxing environment and (of course, matching and the best!) aroma. Join us and experience this scent of art in Nov 2016.

Drama x Aromatherpy
“Red Forest” 2014
A Cantonese A’Capella drama with Aromatherapy, @ The Nonsenses Maker Blackbox Theatre, Hong Kong

Using different scents in different scenes to implant certain emotions and memories while watching the drama.

Visual Art x Aromatherpy
DIY etched glass bottle for Natural Perfume 2015 @ Cube Studio Arts Education (Miss Fat Studio), Hong Kong

Wearing a sense of uniqueness perfume filled with a self crafted bottle.

Woodcraft x Aromatherapy
DIY Woodcraft Necklace Diffuser Workshop 2016 @ Be Special Woodcraft & Jewelry, Hong Kong
Drop few drops of essential oil on a self hand crafted wooden necklace diffuser, smell it all the day.

We welcome Individuals, artists, schools, companies and organizations to join or cooperate our ArtROMAtherapy Project. If you have any idea about Art X Aromatherapy, please let us know.