How to make cold process soap?

There are 3 main ingredients to make cold process soap. (Remember it’s cold process, not cold pressed , people always confused with these 2 things). Water + Oil + NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide). After mixing these ingredients, soap will create its chemical reaction like saponification, usually it takes around 4-6 weeks to dry and cure the soap and wait until the pH value of the soap becoming pH 8- 9. Then we can use the soap for cleaning.

However, we have to be careful when processing soap making as NaOH is a chemical which is strong in Alkaline which may burn our skin or eyes when it meets vapour or water. It also contains strong chemical smell, that’s why we have to use protective gears when making soap. Remember pets and kids should not be around when we are doing soap making to avoid accident.

We have to learn how to create our own formula or recipe to make soap. Different oil brings different properties as their fatty acid are formulated differently, which we need to learn the characterises of each oil in order to formulate a suitable recipe for different skin types or usage on different people.

Here are some of my YouTube videos that you may have a quick glance about how to make cold process soap.

Zebra Pattern Cold Process Soap Making & Cutting

We strongly recommended to learn at least basic foundation of soap making process with a tutor before you are confident to handle cold process soap making by yourself.

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