Aromatherapy Soap Making Course

Melt & Pour Soap Online Class

Melt & Pour Soap is one of the easy soap making process, even beginner or kid can also do it by themselves. You can enjoy the time and location flexibility and learn how to make the Galaxy Melt & Pour Soap

In this online class, you will learn,

  • 6 techniques to create different styles for making Galaxy Melt & Pour (MP) soap
  • different between Cold Process & Melt & Pour Soap
  • some important safety information when making MP Soap
  • how to choose and use the tool
  • how and where to buy materials & equipments


  • Class will be conducted in English , Chinese subtitle will be provided in the video clips
  • join our member’s only DIY & Soap Making Facebook group
  • Materials are not provided or included in this class

Fee: $50 AUD (~$300 HKD/ $39 USD / RM $160/ $1090 TWD)

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